Sunday, September 24, 2017



         Mogli ste primijetiti da najviše objavljujem postove za sajt ZAFUL. On je definitivno moj favorit. Ne morate se bojati da Vam neće stići odgovarajuća veličina, da će materijal biti loš i slično. Ja sam odabrala ovu majicu i jako sam zadovoljna. Možete je koristiti u kućnoj varijanti i šetnji, nema problema da će se stiker sa nje skinuti. Zaista je ukrala sve moje simpatije. 

Na sve to dodajte njihov kupon:  ZFEN   i  vaša kupovina će se zaista isplatiti.



Thursday, September 21, 2017


The first time on my blog- DRESSLILY
I've prepared a post on the most beautiful dresses with a polka dot dress  dresslily site.
  On this site is now great discounts when these clothes are in question, and therefore
Today we talk about them. Today I will introduce you to the three most beautiful dresses that.
Not very elegant but suitable for all occasions. Currently these clothes at great discounts,
So if you are nearing a nice event or just love clothes you want to buy, here's my proposal.
So why not hurry on over and see if there is something you like or love?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Okay, ladies, let’s talk about ZAFUL

 Many of you are probably already familiar with this website, but for those who are not , it is one more website which offers interesting clothes and accessories at very affordable prices.
Also I need to mention LONG SWEATSHIRT and the fact that this site has a great sale so you should check it 
 Without further ado, let's see what caught my eye. 

I have been looking for this type of long coat everywhere. Literally. 
Every time I’m out clothes shopping, I’m always on the hunt for this style. 
I love the pleated pattern and I have so many outfit ideas for them.

Denim  have been a hit recently – again! I mean no matter how many times denim  
go out of style they always make their inevitable come back! I think that is because there is 
so much style freedom with a denim.

So sexy!!!

When I received this gray sweater dress from Zaful, the first thing I noticed is that it is short.

ant to be the more fancy in this summer? Just do it!
Discover our newest summer arrivals!
Surprise code: ZFEN

Saturday, September 2, 2017


This is my Rosegal sundresses for women wishlist. 

I`m sure you are familiar with ROSEGAL, but if you never heard for them, this is a online store 
where you can find both vintage and modern clothing and accessories and 
with a free shipping worldwide. In the summer, long dresses are my go to choice,
 because they are easy to wear, light and cute.
On this site I noticed this long dresses, and I want to inform you about it.
There are different materials and patterns and I'm in love with them.

It have awesome discounts and really good stuff. 
I was surprised with these vintage models!

Make sure to check out their store, 
I am sure you will find plenty nice stuff, just like I did!

Also, I have the coupon code for you! ♥

You want some new clothes, why not taking a look over here?

    Summer sales ongoing, all from 33% off. Use code RGEN for another 10% off!

    Time for a new outfit!